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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Nokia N97mini Some Solutions

Nokia N97 mini Earpiece Receiver Speaker Solution

Here's the Nokia N97mini Earpiece Speaker Solution that may possibly help fix if the receiver speaker does not have an audio signal output or No voice sound can be heard on it.

This problem may happens if the receiver speaker is already busted or the flex ribbon cable is already damaged. You may need to check these said components or parts first or try to replace with a new replacement spare

If both flex ribbon cable and the receiver speaker were okay and or already tried replacing it but the problem still exists. See the solution below for it shows the connection line paths and certain components of the earpiece speaker circuit on the main PCB board of Nokia N97 mini.

nokia n97mini earpiece jumper ways solution

You may then trace each of the corresponding line paths and components where the said earpiece audio signal is being feeds. There are filter coil and an ESD protection chip is being used in the circuit, you may try to remove the ESD protection first then check or replace the filter coil.

If filter coil is okay and the ESD chip is already been remove and also ensuring that each corresponding connection line paths were okay; the next option will be by reworking the power management chip (GAZOO). Hope this may help solved your Nokia N97 earpiece speaker problem.

Nokia N97 mini Camera Hardware Failure Solution
Here's the Nokia N97 mini camera solution, this solution covers if there is one or both of the two camera doesn't work or unable to function.

If encountered camera failure on Noki N97 mini, you may first restore or update the device firmware. If the problem doesn't lie on the firmware, then try to replace the camera module and ensure that the flex ribbon cable is not damaged or already tried replacing it.

The solution below shows the location of particular components that holds for camera and may caused the problem if become faulty or damaged. You may then check these components if both the camera module and the flex cable is okay.
nokia n97 camera solution

You may first check all the camera supply voltages from each corresponding DC to DC voltage regulator chips. IF both all supply voltages were stable, you may then check or try to replace the ESD/EMI filter chips.

There are two certain filter chips on the circuit, the one is for the main camera or camera 1 and the other one is for the second camera or camera 2.

N97 mini white, blue and blank screen display problem solution
A display problem like, white screen (WSOD), blue screen, blank or black screen, saturated and garbled screen displays, can be cause by a faulty or damaged LCD screen display and can be fix by installing anew LCD replacement on it. Sometimes an interrupted firmware also causes the problem and can be fix by restoring the device firmware. IF all of the above does not solved the problem you may then consider that the problem lies on the hardware components failures.

The solution below will show us a particular hardware components that holds and control the display data signals on Nokia N97 mini which enable the LCD screen to work.

nokia N97 mini display Ic jumper ways
The LCD display connector may also cause the problem if being corroded and oxidation occurs, cleaning it first is a good idea.

If the device suffered like wet damaged, accidentally heavily dropped the display controller IC and its particular line paths may also possibly damaged. Reworking and tracing each corresponding line tracks will help fix display problem on Nokia N97 mini.

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