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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nokia X6 Some Solution

Nokia X6 Touch Screen Problem Solution

If ever trying to fix Nokia X6 touch screen failure issues and you'll do replacing the touch plate module, trying to calibrate the touch screen setting but unresponsive and restoring, upgrading and flashing the device firmware but nothing happens, the problem still exist and the touch screen left unresponsive.

This sometimes happens if the device suffered due to a wet damaged, heavily dropped and any related damaged accidentally done by the user. In this case only a hardware repair may only help solved the problem.

This solution below show the Nokia X6 PCB board components that holds and control the touch screen panel to work.

The solution above showed a Touch Accelerometer chip that used to sense orientation, detect direction in multi-access direction of the Touch Plate module. If the chip is damaged the touch screen will not work and remains unresponsive. This chip needs a DC supply voltage of 2.78 volts in this designed on Nokia X6 and also. The 2.78 Dc volts is also feeds and supply the touch plate module.

You may check this supply voltage first before trying to rework, re-ball or replacing the touch accelerometer chip.

Nokia X6 No Network Signal Reception problem solution - hardware repair
Here's the solution that may help and guide to repair Nokia X6 having a No Network Signal reception. If ever tried to restore and update the device firmware but nothing happens, this solution shows the corresponding RF circuit of Nokia X6 PCB board that might something wrong, faulty or being damaged.

Repair Tips:

1. Apply and supply voltage to the PCB board using desired DC regulated power supply voltage of 3.7 volts. Check the supply voltage from the cellphone's battery through to the corresponding components highlighted in red color, these are battery supply voltage filter coils that being feeds to RF circuit components. IF there are no voltage readings on that areas, check the continuity of the battery positive terminal on that certain parts. Apply jumper if the line is cut or open. check also the filter coils and replace if found damaged.

2. Check and measure the secondary voltage output from the RF DC to DC converter chip highlighted in orange color. If there is no voltage readings on that spots, rework or replace the DC to DC converter IC.

3. Check or replace the Clock crystal oscillator. (VCTXO)

4. Rework or replace RF Power Ampilifier IC (PA)

5. Rework or replace Front End Module IC (FEM)

6. Rework or replace Radio Frequency IC (RF IC)

X6 Send, E60 and END keypad keys failure solution

If the Send, E60 and End key button keys failed to respond on Nokia X6, and you already tried to restore, reset, flash and update the device firmware but nothing happens.

Keypad keys malfunction on Nokia X6 may also possibly caused by a faulty keypad flex, cleaning or by replacing it will help solved the problem.

If after replacing and ensuring that the flex is okay but the keys still unresponsive, you may then consider that the problem lies on a faulty keypad circuit's hardware components on the PCB board. This solution below will tell us which components holds and controls the keypad keys to function or work.

Check the keypad pin connector first ensure that it is free from dirt and oxidation.

From the keypad pin connector there are three line filter coils located near to it, have a check on this components and replace if found damaged.

From the keypad filter coils the lines is feeds to a keypad filtering chip or keypad IC, you may then check this chip, trace its line paths and replace if found damaged.

The I/0 Expander Chip is the keypad controller components, which holds and control the keypads including the Touch Control Module. You may also rework or replace this chip for further harder keypad problem repair on Nokia X6.

X6 Camera, Slider Lock, Volume Up and Volume Down Control Button Switches malfunction solution

Here's solution if something went wrong with Nokia X6 camera button and volume control switches that stop responding when being pressed. Button and switches may stop to function if being broken or damaged and sometimes cause by an oxidation. Simply by replacing it will fix the problem.

If the said button switch is okay seems working but still unresponsive you may then consider that the problem may lies on a faulty circuit components on the PCB board.

This solution below shows the line paths of each particular button switches of the camera, slider lock and the volume up and volume down buttons.

Nokia X6 Camera, Slider Lock, Volume Up and Volume Down Repair solution

Repair Hints:

Ensure that the button switches is perfectly clean and working okay.

There is an EMI-ESD filter IC is connected to each button switches line paths., Check this filter IC and trace the corresponding button switches line paths first before trying to replace it.

The Volume up control switch is connected directly to the I/O expander chip, you may check and rework this

chip if only the volume up is not working without touching the ESD filter IC.

Nokia X6 Camera Failure Problem Solution - hardware repair

Before using or applying this solution ensure to restore,flash and update,

the device firmware on Nokia X6. Oftentimes camera failure is cause by an interrupted firmware, restoring or flashing it back again will fix the problem. But

if that does not solved the problem you may then proceed to hardware repair troubleshooting, especially

if the device suffered from wet damaged and accidentaly dropped by the user.

The problem may possibly lies on faulty hardware components.

This solution below shows the main camera circuit on Nokia X6 and can be used as a guide to fix and repair camera hardware failure issues.

Camera Repair Tips:

a) Try to replace a new camera replacement module.

b) Check and clean the camera connector.

c) Do supply voltage measurement on corresponding camera supply voltages (see solution above). You can check this voltages while trying to enable the camera in ON condition.

There are three voltage converters circuit that feeds voltage to enable the camera. This voltage ranges are as follows, 1.8volts, 2.8volts and 1.3volts DC voltages.

This voltages are converted by a DC to DC converters chip. The chips converts the Battery voltage which is 3.7 volts and drop it down or minimize it to 1.8, 2.8 and 1.3 DC voltage.

So, ensure that the battery supply voltage is properly feeds to each of the DC converter chips.

If the battery supply voltage is present and still there is no voltage output you can read on each chip, you may then check or replace the DC to DC converter IC's.

d) If all voltages reading is working good and no problems found, but the problem still exists, you may then proceed to rework or replace the Camera Accelerator IC this chip holds and control the camera data signals before it feeds to the application processor IC.

Nokia X6 Bluetooth, WLAN and GPS solution - hardware repair

Bluetooth, Wireless LAN and GPS connection problem can be cause by a firmware failure and can be easily be fix by restoring, updating or flashing the phones firmware again. But after doing any firmware repair and the problem still exists the problem may certainly lies on the hardware components failures.

This solution below may possibly useful and help fix and repair Nokia X6 Bluetooth, WLAN and GPS problem issues for it shows the Bluetooh, WLAN and GPS component circuit.

Repair Hints: Ensure that the firmware of the device is successfully calibrated, upgraded and restored.

1) Check all corresponding supply voltages in the circuit

2) Check the RF buffer clock feeds from the RF circuit

3) Check the Bluetooth and WLAN antenna

4) Rework the Bluetooth IC first, the WLAN will not work if the Bluetooth IC is faulty.

Nokia X6 Insert Sim Card Problem Solution
Insert SIM card problem may happen and shows on the LCD screen display, if the SIM card inserted on the mobile phone device is already damaged but IF the SIM card card is working good and the device handset will not accept any kind of SIM card, the problem may lies on the device itself. This may happen if the mobile phone is damaged by a liquid or water damaged and any means of accidental damage by the standard user.

Here's solution that may help possibly help fix and repair Nokia X6 Insert SIM card problem.

This solution shows the SIM card circuit on Nokia X6, including The line tracks of the SIM card pin connector through to each corresponding solder ball bumps of the IC components (AVILMAS) that holds the SIM card to work.

Nokia X6 Ringer, Hands Free Speaker no audible sounds solution

This solution covers and may possibly help solved Nokia X6 Ringer and and Hands free loud speaker No sounds can be heard. You may need to ensure that the loud speakers is working well before applying this solution

In Nokia X6 the handsfree speaker came with two channel the left and the right channel or so called stereo type. The audio signal is feeds from the power and audio chip (AVILMAS) and feeds to a audio amplifier IC to boost and amplify the sounds intensity.

You may need to check, trace, replace and rework those corresponding components indicated on the solution picture above.

Nokia X6 Digital Mic, mouthpiece microphone problem Solution

Here's the solution that might possibly help solve Nokia X6 mouthpiece microphone failure, a problem that no audio sounds can be heard from the other receiving device during a call is created.

The red lines indicated in the solution above is the microphone's supply voltage if this voltage is cut or not present the mic will not tend to work. There are also resistors that where the digital audio signal is flow across to this components that has a resistance value of 100ohms each, check and replace it first  before attempting to replace the Digital Microphone Module.

Nokia X6 Charger Not Supported Solution
Here's a solution that shows the location of BTEMP resistor that caused Charger Not supported on Nokia X6 if damaged. This components needs to replace if cahrger not supported shows on the LCD screen display when the battery charger is being plug-in.

This Btemp resistor rated value is 47K. You may easily find it on other non working Nokia PCB board.

Nokia X6 Earpiece Speaker No Audio Sound Solution

if having tried to fix Nokia X6 Earpiece Speaker Problem that No Audio sound output can be heard and you already check speaker is okay and also already tried replacing the Flex cable wire but he problem unsolved. This solution might possibly help to solved the problem.

If the earpiece speaker and flex cable wire is working okay, those particular components highlighted on the solution might causes the problem if the device is severely damaged by any means of liquid or water damaged. Start to check on the flex pin connector and way down toall corresponding components composed of filter coil and bypass ESD resistor, replace at once if found open or shorted. If the filter coils were okay you may need to rework the power and audio IC (AVILMAS) trace the line paths first while the IC is being removed, then reball the IC, clean the solder balls surface and inplaced it back again.

Nokia X6 microUSB to PC connection, not detected problem Solution
If having problem connecting from USB to PC on Nokia X6, this solution may help if the device is not detected after ensuring that the USB cable wire is okay. The device driver is properly installed but the problem still exists.

This solution shows the particular components might caused faulty or damaged and result to a problem connecting to the PC through USB port.

Repair hints: Check the microUSB connector if damaged, oxidated or corroded, clean or replace it.

Check the filter coil and ESD protection chip, replace if found damaged. If the problem still persists check the power supply of the USB transceiver IC, it is conneted to the battery positive line voltage, if the voltage is okay, rework or reball the USB transceiver IC.

X6 LCD Display Problem Full Solution

Here's a solution that can be used to fix and repair Nokia X6 Display problem issues like white screen, blue screen, blank screen, garbled and saturated screen displays.. This solution may help if having a LCD display problems and already tried to upgrade or restore the device firmware and replaced it with a new LCD module replacements but the problem still exists.

There are two voltage supply that also need to the LCD display to work, the 1.8 volts and 2.78 volts.The solution above alao shows particular components that needs to check and replace if found faulty or damaged like the Display ESD-EMI filter IC.

If those supply voltages seems to be okay and the LCD display ESD-EMI filter IC is working well and already been checked and replaced the solution below shows the next components that also needs to check, rework or replace. On Nokia X6 there is a display controller IC that is being used and connected on the LCD display circuit.

If the LCD display controller chip become faulty or damaged this will also result to a display problem issues on Nokia X6. But before trying to reflow, rework or replaced you  need to check first the three filter coils connected near to it and trace each line paths to the LCD pin connector.


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